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Features Comparison

Document Management Software Automation FeaturesStandardPremiumPremium Plus
Adaptable conversion tasks
Simple job design
Planned tasks
Integrate accessible PDF
Transmit to other file formats
In-place bulk file conversion
Search for new files using network scanner or folder
Look for documents to convert by searching a folder tree or disk
Has the Tesseract OCR algorithm as a component
Has the ReadIris OCR algorithm as a component
Defer OCR till off-hours
Barcode assistance
Create unique filenames
Instantly divide and send files
Divide and direct files depending on document data
Create filenames using OCR text
Can function as a service
Convert several documents at once
Page limit per day500UnlimitedUnlimited
Comparative conversion speed1x1x6x Faster
Document Management Software Automation PricingStandardPremiumPremium Plus
Cost per user299.95 999.952,499.95
Renewal of yearly maintenance (Optional)99.95399.95799.95
Includes 1 year maintenance
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