Automated Mapping and Batch OCR Tool

Automate your office's most recurring processes: labelling, converting, and tracking files. Document Management Software Automation makes your files visible and uses its information to determine where they should go.

Document Management Software Automate: OCR Automation and Content-Based Mapping

Document Management Software Automate converts documents into viewable PDF files in batches. Document Management Software Automate automates the OCR procedure to convert scanned documents and photos into accessible PDFs, so you can locate and modify them, regardless of whether they are already stored in existent folders or imported from a network scanner.

OCR automation

With Document Management Software, you can scan both old and new files and make them accessible. Document Management Software Automate checks your system for new scans to OCR.

Convert your documents to PDF

The new benchmark for file storage is PDF. Convert all your scanned files – both old and new to PDF automatically.

Identify documents by content

Document Management Software Automate introduces rule-based sophistication to your files, instantly labeling and routing them from the source document.

Use barcodes to your advantage​

Utilize the data contained in your file barcodes to instantly group, label, and route your documents.

Suitable for high-volume tasks

Let Document Management Software Automate analyze your directories for files to convert. The software can handle high-volume conversions within a short period.

Adjustable Cloud access

Document Management Software Automate can observe the performance of network scanners and instantly execute new scans.


Utilize OCR and PDF conversion software. ​

PDF is now available. Most major firms use it, and government institutions are required to use it as well. The preferred format for transferring and storing files is PDF. Your task is to create accessible PDF files from a steady flow of documents and a drive full of outdated content. Document Management Software Automate automated OCR software works in conjunction with your network scanner to grab the influx of document and convert them to editable and searchable PDF that can be archived. It processes old scans, PDFs, and Microsoft Word documents with no difficulty. In order to replace the source files or create PDF copies for storage, Document Management Software Automate will scan your hard disk for documents that meet your specifications, OCR them, and then convert them in batches to PDF. OCR works openly to ensure your documents are made available for keyword checking.

Create accessible PDFs ​

The new standard format is PDF. Create completely accessible, index-able PDFs with archival durability from your files. It’s time to make use of any years’ load of old scans that are currently unusable on your hard disk. Restore their functionality by updating them to the current benchmark. No oversight is necessary because Document Management Software Automate will take care of everything in the background.

Fully automated OCR

Have you ever thought that an automated OCR software might be difficult to use? When you take into account its features and functionality, Document Management Software Automate is the most user-friendly bulk OCR program available. With it, you can get the actual text from your electronic files and scanned documents. Automated OCR occurs as component of the flow. Document Management Software Automate is easy to set up and even simpler to use thanks to a clear user interface and bots made for non-technical users.

On our database, we have scans from the past - roughly thirty years. Nobody in our office ever tried to touch them since getting around them was like stumbling into an unknown crypt. Those scans were revived with Document Management Software Automate. Our lawyers began looking for and accessing a bank of records they had previously declared gone after only a few weeks.


Introducing your new file clerk

Bulk scanning is necessary to swiftly convert document to PDF.  High-speed scanners work well in conjunction with Document Management Software Automate. Document Management Software Automate can separate enormous volume of documents into separate files using its unique cover-sheet separators. Even better, you can instruct Document Management Software Automate on where and how you want it to store each unique file using the separators.

With the click of a button, you can scan and automatically save many piles of documents – you’ve never encountered a trustworthy file helper like Document Management Software. There are more additional features to simplify your life, such as automatic bookmarking and the capacity to divide volumes of pages at set intervals. Also, clever file naming settings maintain the consistency of your file names.

Document Management Software Automate creates document dividers for accurate high volume scanning. Put a divider on top of every document before scanning the entire pile at once. Document Management Software Automate will instantly differentiate the documents into independent files for you. Using content criteria, the Document Management Software Automate can instantly partition new documents depending on where they originate.

Interested in a digital filing clerk? Automatically save files to predefined destinations without stress using Document Management Software. Documents can be routed depending on file separators or data contained in the document. The location and title of a saved document should be determined via text, barcodes, or sectors.


PDF to OCR conversion is possible with automation.

You can’t spend time watching over a software while it executes tasks. High volume conversion tasks are handled automatically by Document Management Software Automate – a proven system that operates in the background. Utilize Document Management Software Automate’s adjustable task planning to notify it about which tasks to perform and when to do it. You can set up tasks to execute at certain times or continuously check for new files in specific directories, such as the output directories from your network scanner.

The volume of tasks that Document Management Software Automate can manage is unrestricted. Do you lack computer literacy? It’s not an issue. There is no need for complex setup or coding. Document Management Software Automate was developed with convenience in mind. You can start file conversions by using straightforward dialog with descriptions written in common English. Put Document Management Software Automate in action and focus on other things.

In today’s fast-paced world, you don’t really have time to keep looking at your computer screen every minute. Because of this, Document Management Software Automate manages all the time-consuming processes for you discreetly in the background. Even better, install Document Management Software Automate on your computer and use it as your office administrative assistant. With modern convenience and sophistication, you can effortlessly convert files to PDF, OCR, label and route them.

Does your network scanner have dust on it? Does your multi-purpose device only have one feature that you use? Utilize Document Management Software Automate to put it to good use. Your network scanner will continuously scan new documents, which Document Management Software Automate will monitor and convert to accessible PDF documents. Additionally, it will send them wherever you direct them to be on the network. Your scans should be separated, OCR’d, and routed as they leave the screen.

Document Management Software Automate thrives at locating new documents to convert. It has the ability to look through a specific folder, a full folder tree, or a full disk – and it will repeat as much as you request. When searching for new scans, Document Management Software Automate will disregard everything else. It’s the ideal choice for keeping an eye on any folder that consistently gathers new files.

Document Management Software Automate offers dynamic planning alternatives. Perform a conversion task as needed, on request, every minute, or perhaps, at a fixed time each day or week. The amount of time needed varies depending on the type of conversion procedure. Document Management Software Automate is designed to accommodate the demands of all types of schedule.

Upgrade to Automate Premium or Premium Plus

Document Management Software Automate has three versions capable of meeting the needs of any office, from single individuals to business corporations. There’s something for everyone.

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Why Choose Document Management Software Automate OCR Software?

Document Management Software Automate is the go-to software for anyone who wants to convert PDF files to OCR. Document Management Software Automate’s framework enables you to OCR PDF documents and files. Putting it into perspective, Document Management Software Automate converts Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanned, electronic files into text PDF documents that you can find when you search.

Recognize text implies getting digital images of text and presenting them as proper computer text. Even though PDF files are not often modifiable, you can import a scanned PDF content into Microsoft Word to change the language, which is very useful for business papers. In addition to being compliant with Adobe Acrobat, PDF OCR as carried out by Document Management Software Automate is also compatible with the majority of Western European languages, not only English.