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Despite Document Management Software being the low-cost market leader in the file management industry, you’ll discover that it does not lack good features. In fact, Document Management Software provides you with features that even its most expensive rivals do not have, even at a high cost.

Comparison of Features

Simple File Management
Optimized Document Management Resources
Suitable for Cloud Storage (Google Drive, Dropbox etc.)
Network Compliant
Local Search
Network Search
Simple PDF Editor
Improved PDF Editing Capabilities
Simple Scanning
Additional Scanning Options
Routing & Automatic Document Sorting
Automatic Document Cleaning for Scans
Barcode Assistance
Tesseract OCR Engine
ReadIris OCR Tool
Zonal OCR; Automatic File Labeling from OCR Text
PDF Printer
One-Click PDF Modifications
Convert Scans or PDFs to Configured Microsoft Office Documents
Network Management Software

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