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Document Management Software is the quickest route you can use to arrange your documents. Document Management Software blends with the Windows applications and Cloud services you are already using. In addition, Document Management Software has a strong built-in PDF editor (so you don't need to use Adobe anymore).

Document Management Software: Quick Document Management and Effective Productivity Tools

Document Management Software is the most fully-featured and inexpensive document management software for offices of all sizes. It blends simple file management and scanning with robust PDF production and modification. It also integrates with Sharepoint and cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox, as well as OCR and search. Document Management Software offers more features for less money than the competitors, feature for feature.

A straightforward filing framework

Utilize digital filing cabinets to arrange your documents in a logical filing system. Just standard Windows folders; no sophisticated databases.

OCR and one-click scanning

With a few mouse clicks, instantly scan and label documents according to their content. It has never been easier to scan.


PDF Editor

With PDFs, almost anything is possible. Any file can be converted to a PDF, and you can edit and mark your PDFs as well as separate or join them  in one location.

Simple to understand, setup, and use

The majority of users can get started during their lunch hour. Alternatively, let our setup specialists take care of the setup.

Smooth connection

Your existing Windows apps and Document Management Software are compatible. No need to stop using your favorite applications.

Access to the cloud is optional

The Document Management Software systems integrate perfectly with SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, and many other Cloud services.


Reduce the time it takes for you to organize your documents and stop having to contend with paper and digital files on a daily basis.

File & document management for all types of businesses

Individual companies and professional offices have received less attention in the document management sector. This includes businesses that must manage and arrange large quantities of paper – such as financial advisors, attorneys, accountants, insurance brokers, industrial plants, and warehouses. Whether they are for invoices or receipts, agreements or quality assurance documentation, income reports or health documents and estate plans, these sectors have been forced to either suffer under the cost and weight of entire enterprise applications or decide to forgo them altogether.

Document Management Software covers this gap with a robust, highly economical solution made especially for companies of all sizes. Without complicated downloads or conversions, you can put all of your current files into Document Management Software for organization. From there, you can start taking advantage of Document Management Software’s robust document management capabilities, including labeling options, directory layouts, and simple document searching.

Use a unique, consistent interface to manage and arrange files.

No need for complicated software to be a competent file manager. Digital filing cabinets are a sensible method to arrange your files, scan your paper files, update your PDFs, and access your records all from one tidy, user-friendly interface. These cabinets have a well-known Cabinet/Drawer/Folder structure that flows naturally from left to right. Cabinets seamlessly “overlay” standard Windows folders so you can access your current files without downloading them. You can also save any form of Windows document in a cabinet. (Document Management Software has an Explorer View if you like the classic Explorer design.)

Access and save any file format

Document Management Software can retain any type of Windows file. Additionally, it seamlessly connects with most applications’ Save and Open features. This implies that you can (alternatively) change the default Save/Open dialogs in Windows with ones that are specific to Document Management Software. Save documents straight into your file folders from most of your applications, as a component of your regular work process – no importing required. Then, reopen them in your preferred programs using Document Management Software. Programs can individually enable or disable this connection.

Store files with established naming standards

The hardest step in storing a document is now the simplest: choosing a name. Make a list of the file names you use frequently. If you’d like, add real – time data. Once it’s time to store or relabel a file, label it with a simple click. The Naming Options feature of Document Management Software Premium and Premium Plus additionally adds file naming guidelines. These may include names of clients or patients, dates, and variable information like incremental increases. Even filename text can be extracted from barcodes or OCR text from the paper. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can figuratively name and store your documents or new scans.

Document Management Software Features

Document Management Software can display a divided display with the inbox above and your usual folders at the bottom if you have a consistent influx of files to a certain folder. The arriving files can then be put into your folders with ease. With this capability combined with Naming Options and Drop Renaming, you can essentially arrange and rename numerous incoming documents with only a few drag-and-drop operations.

Change folder designs into reusable templates to enable setting up systematic folder configurations simple. Reusable folder designs can be defined, and they can be as simple or complicated as you wish, even incorporating deeply layered folders. Then, you may use these arrangements on any cabinet or folder. When you deploy a folder design at the same time as adding new drawers or folders, they become very helpful. A user-friendly file management system must have uniform layouts.

With Document Management Software’s preview tab, you no longer have to open a document just to confirm if it’s the one you want. Clicking on Office, image, or PDF files instantly displays real-time previews of those files. Additionally, files have thumbnails instead of standard icons, allowing you to quickly examine everything inside a folder. Document Management Software makes document searching as convenient as scrolling through a file of paper documents.

Most times, the fastest method to find a document is searching using a full-text keyword. As quickly you are able to type a query, locate what you’re looking for. You can either look at everything or just one particular folder, drawer, or even cabinet. With Document Management Software Premium, you can also scan through the whole system. Additionally, you can quickly scan through a cabinet or folder while still in the same position by using in-place searching.

With only one click, you can attach and send any type of file. Just select the file and click on the send button. Do you need it sent as a PDF? No issue, no additional processes. Document Management Software can instantly zip up several documents, convert the attachment into an un-editable PDF, and modify its name as you add it.

Do you need to connect a cabinet to the network? This takes place seamlessly with Document Management Software. Anyone in the workplace can view the same files without a sophisticated database system because it integrates with your regular Windows files. Simply link a network folder with your cabinets, then direct all of your users to the connected cabinets. Every update will be instantly accessible to everyone, and all of them will automatically receive the same documents.

Are you worried about security? Document Management Software effortlessly acquires all the folder and document privacy controls from Windows. Continue to use the security mechanisms you are accustomed to, but organize your files better! Shared Settings, which let you lock down specific functions and access control while also sharing cabinets, folder designs, and established filenames, make network management straightforward.

The absence of a recycling bin on network drives is a significant drawback. Therefore, Document Management Software offers its own. Once enabled, Document Management Software will save a copy of any files that are erased from network drives. In this method, if you accidentally delete a document, it won’t be lost forever because you may retrieve it from the recycle bin.

The majority of well-known cloud services, including DropBox, SugarSync, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive, are fully compliant with Document Management Software. You can view your Document Management Software files locally on your PC or remotely via your cloud service provider if you are on the go. Document Management Software no longer needs a separate capability to scan to the cloud because it is seamless and automatic.

The Document Management Software’s SharePoint connectivity will be useful for offices that require an additional layer of security and accessibility. Users can benefit from document verification and view the whole version history of any document in addition to cloud access. Admins will enjoy that Document Management Software automatically has all of the SharePoint file protection policies.


Incredibly efficient document scanning

You’re likely aware of how scanning makes a workplace move more slowly. Document Management Software makes the most of scanners, generating paper documents into categorized, sorted, and fully accessible PDFs in an incredibly quick and simple process. Paper may literally be sent to your computer as quickly as your scanner can process it, but not as quickly as you can type out folder and filenames.

With Document Management Software, you can even save automatically separated piles of scanned documents to the appropriate client directory. You’ve never worked with a file helper who is more trustworthy. The time-consuming tasks, like using OCR to make your documents discoverable, are all done automatically in the background. Do you have to scan a document into Microsoft Word for editing? Send a  paper document via email? Or simply scan additional pages and add them to an existing scan? That is no longer an issue.

With one-click scanning, practically any desktop scanner can be used to quickly convert paper to PDF (TWAIN compatible). Alternatively, you can scan a document straight into a specific folder and arrange it all at once. Simply click Scan and the document will be uploaded there immediately. You can change the scan settings and parameters for additional versatility.

OCR (text recognition) is seamlessly included by Document Management Software into the scanning procedure. With only one mouse click, you can switch from print to an accessible PDF. Use your preferred tools or one of our built-in options. Document Management Software recognizes the text on every page as the scan is received and enters it covertly into the generated PDF. Even though the scanned image has real text that is discoverable, indexable, and can be copied, it looks exactly like the source document.

Document Management Software can instantly divide a stack of papers into separate files according to cover-sheet separators to enable faster scanning. Scan a large pile of documents and let Document Management Software handle organizing them into the appropriate PDFs. Even better, let it deal with where to save every file by utilizing routing instructions to ensure that the documents are saved in the appropriate directories as soon as they are scanned.

There are instances when you only need the text of a document. So why even make a scan? With just one click, you can scan a file, retrieve the content, and open it in your preferred word editor to acquire the text you need.

Document Management Software can use OCR to make already scanned documents accessible and indexable. As a substitute, simply extract the text from a PDF and edit it in your text editor. Nowadays, it’s easier to convert scanned documents into Microsoft Word documents, and scanned tables into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, etc. Simply choose the document and press the Recognize Text button. When an image is scanned, Document Management Software will find the text and let you do whatever you desire with it.


All of your PDF demands will be satisfied by the Document Management Software built-in PDF Editor and PDF converter tools.

Since PDF is the standard for digital documents, your software ought to be capable of creating and editing PDF files. A feature-rich PDF editor is integrated into Document Management Software along with PDF utilities. It offers maximum support for PDF creation, conversion, and modification and makes these tasks simple for a beginner. To combine two PDFs, simply drag and drop them onto each other. With absolute ease, you can break, merge, and add or remove pages. Without exiting Document Management Software, you can add seals, accents, and comments to your PDFs, digitally authenticate a file, and fill up PDF forms.

Creating PDFs is straightforward. Use the inbuilt PDF printer to convert any type of file to a PDF format, or simply click a button to quickly scan documents into a PDF. Document Management Software includes PDF processing as a core feature, not as a bonus.

Why should working with PDFs require you to exit your document management tool? Because it is now crucial to modify PDF files, we integrated a complete PDF editor with a layered user interface into the software. Your PDF files can be opened, viewed, marked up, commented on, and annotated all within Document Management Software. Pages can be added or removed, rearranged, extracted into new files, or moved among files. Even paperworks and PDFs can be completed and signed digitally with Document Management Software.

The majority of documents can be opened once and then converted to PDF. Just click Convert after selecting the file. You won’t have to pass through hurdles in order to obtain a reliable PDF copy. You are not even required to have Adobe Acrobat running on your system to view or print the file.

You may occasionally need to convert a PDF file into a standard Office document. Like converting a PDF document back into a Word document for modification or an Excel spreadsheet from a PDF table. You can quickly convert a PDF into a Microsoft Office document using Document Management Software. There is no need for specialized expertise or knowledge.

It’s simple to save documents, emails, or web pages into PDFs. You can arrange them alongside your other documents by printing them with the built-in PDF printer in Document Management Software.

In Document Management Software Premium, you can “assemble” or merge Pdf documents right within your folders. Simply stack roSimply p them on top of one another. File splitting, file insertion, and page extraction are equally simple operations. Without ever opening them, simple wizards let you edit your PDF files. Working with PDFs is now easier with Document Management Software.

Document Management Software is more easier

Simple to set up: Launching Document Management Software is a quick process. Install the setup file after downloading it, then start working. It eliminates intricate databases by storing files on the Windows storage device, making it operational as soon as it is installed.

Easier to understand: Document Management Software is simple to use. New users can quickly understand its “cabinet” model and become familiar with its user interface. We also provide a ton of how-to videos for users of any experience level.

Simple to use: Document Management Software has a lot of functionality, but not complex. Making software that our own parents can use was our main focus when making it. Document Management Software features a straightforward interface that is straightforward to use, in contrast to other document management systems that are highly complicated.

Financially friendly: Document Management Software excels at more than simply document management. It is also one of the most inexpensive document management tools. You acquire ownership after making a single, one-time payment. There are no exorbitant monthly fees or secret traps. Everybody in your office can use it without you spending much.

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