File-Sharing Application and Client Portal

Distribute files to your clients with a service that is safer and comfortable. Document Management Software Portal is the most suitable means of sharing confidential files with your clients.

Document Management Software Portal: Reliable Client portal and Convenient File Sharing

A client portal is a digital entry point to digital documents and data that offers a safe means of sharing content between a company and its customers. You can quickly and safely ask for or exchange files with anybody – including clients, shoppers, partners, and staff. Like sending an email, the procedure is not difficult.

The most user-friendly and cost-effective client gateway for smaller organisations is the Document Management Software Portal. The platform can be customized with your brand logo and color framework. Furthermore, your file database effortlessly connects with our Document Management Software file management software, allowing you to access it from an internet browser or even while working on a document.

Security is prioritized

What distinguishes the Portal from email-based file exchange? Security. Your critical documents are kept secure in transit by the Portal using the highest security standards.

Simplicity is prioritized

Instantly share documents with your clients. They don’t need to install anything because they can use a web interface. With only a few clicks, you can upload and download files.

Infinite number of customers and visitors

Exchange files with different people or groups. There is no restriction on how many clients or visitors you can share with.

Email notifications

Your clients will receive an email with a simple link whenever you share files with them. Give your clients their own login password for additional security.

Strong connections

To make it more simple to upload documents without exiting Document Management Software, the Portal offers an optional integration with Document Management Software. You can also use Windows to upload documents.

Your personal brand

Create a unique Portal that reflects your company’s identity by adding your own brand logo, colors, and website address.


The Advantages of Client Portals For Small Firms

Email is simply not appropriate for sharing sensitive documents. As a result, the majority of small businesses are using protected file sharing portals to share files with only the specified recipients in a secure manner. Keep your files secure and away from inquisitive eyes because they are essential to business. With the Document Management Software Platform, you can securely share files with clients, knowing that any confidential information about them will remain between you and them.

A safer method of sharing files

Did you notice that there are no security measures in email? None. Nil. This means that anywhere along the line, hackers can take a glance at your email while it’s in motion. Therefore, if you’re still sending important papers by email, you should reconsider your methodologies. The Document Management Software Portal is a file vault that holds these confidential files completely locked down throughout the entire journey. It is like an armored delivery vehicle for your private documents.

Exchange documents both ways

There is more than one way to use the Document Management Software Portal – it functions in both directions. Files can be shared not just between you and your patients, clients, or other customers, but also between them and you. It is the ideal approach for your clients to give you their private financial documents, medical information, agreements, deeds, and other important documents discreetly. It enables you to act as the service provider who values the confidentiality of your customers.

Personalize your client portal's appearance and style

Your brand is represented by your file sharing platform. The Document Management Software Portal allows you to customize its branding because of this. Showcase your business ‘s logo with pride and even personalize the URL that visitors will type in to access the website. Users will feel secure knowing they can trust the provider when they visit the portal to view their documents and files.


Features of the Client Portal

Have you ever sent a confidential email to the incorrect recipient? Or accidentally delivered the incorrect document? Or simply had a change of heart? There is no going back once you press ‘Send’ on an email. However, you have the option to change your mind with the Document Management Software Portal. You can stop sharing the document if the other person has not yet downloaded it. You can also put a termination date on a directory of shared files.

The amount of persons you can exchange files with is often limited by popular client portals on the market. Alternatively, if more guests are admitted than what is appropriate, they will charge extra. Not the Document Management Software Portal, though. A guest restriction is not something we support. You’ll have unrestricted access as a guest. This implies that you can send your documents to as many users as you like.

With a straightforward web interface, you can access your digital client portal and transfer files from anywhere you have Internet access. No matter what kind of device the other person is using – a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone—the Document Management Software Client Portal makes it simple for them to access the shared files.


Client portal is fully connected with Document Management Software

When a client portal is connected with the document management system you utilize, it improves even further. Fortunately, we have a fully integrated Document Management Software document management solution that includes the client portal. In order to make your portal experience even more productive and satisfying, you should think about switching to our Document Management Software if you haven’t already. You only need one or two mouse clicks to share your documents with the help of this integration.

The client portal system in Document Management Software is the first feature you will notice when you open the application. It fits perfectly with the rest of the system as an additional tab along the major ribbon panel. There will be no more stressful toggling between different windows. By selecting the relevant tab, you can now rapidly switch between the client portal and the remainder of your Document Management Software documents and editing tools.

Uploading documents into the client portal is the first stage in sharing of files. Additionally, this procedure is made simple by Document Management Software’s integration of a protected file portal. Once you’ve located the document you would like to share, all it takes is a single click to get it on its way with the secure file upload tool. Even our parents can upload and download files from the client portal because it is so simple to use.

Sending your client a shared link via email so they can view the shared files is the next stage in the file sharing process. This is also simple. Simply choose the file or folder you would like to share, then type the recipient’s email address. That’s it. The rest is handled by the client portal. A customized email with a safe access link will be sent to your recipient, allowing them to preview or download the document safely.

Some portals make it difficult to view and control the files you’ve shared and the recipients of those files. not again. With the help of Document Management Software client portal integration, you can see all the persons you’ve shared files with, along with the folders they have access to, in a single glance. This makes it simple to handle all of your shared content and visitors to whom you’ve granted access to the client portal.

We now operate more effectively with our clients thanks to your client document portal. Before we even begin a consultation session, our clients send their private documents to us. And rather than going through the time-consuming steps of printing, labeling, and shipping their documents, we can simply upload them when we're set for them to evaluate the documents. The Portal is obviously our new FedEx! Thanks for the straightforward, workable solution.